How to Load Up your CEB GetGo Prepaid Card Using Robinsons Bank Online

Want to load up your CEB GetGo Prepaid Card with Robinsons Bank Online? You can do it in these simple steps!


  1. In the menu, select “Transfer & Pay
  2. Choose “Transfer & Pay to RBank
  3. Select the source and select “Unenrolled Merchants as the Biller
  4. Select “CEB GetGo Prepaid” as the Biller Name and input your account and transfer details
  5. Review details and click submit

Load amount will be received real-time. Minimum load amount is Php100 + Php10 service fee.

No card yet? Go to the nearest CEB GetGo Prepaid Card distribution partners to get yours or download the GetGo Pay mobile app to register for the CEB GetGo Prepaid Virtual Card for free.

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