1. Why is there a change in points earning in Cebu Pacific?


        The new earn rates will allow us to create more competitive redemption offers and expand our catalog so you can enjoy your GetGo points in more and better ways than before.

      2. I am a current CEB GetGo Visa Cardholder. Will there be a new earn rate too?


        Current CEB GetGo Visa Cardholders (Prepaid, Debit, Credit) will also have a different earn rate with the airline based on the type of card used. This is on top of the points that will be earned from the use of these co-branded cards when booking a flight in Cebu Pacific.

        Qualification Default Debit / Prepaid / Prepaid Virtual Gold / Platinum Credit Card
        Points from your flights (on base fare, excluding taxes and fees) P20 spend = 1 GetGo Point P10 spend = 1 GetGo Point P5 spend = 1 GetGo Point
        Points from your flights with a CEB GetGo VISA Card n/a P100 spend = 1 GetGo Point P30 spend = 1 GetGo Point


      3. What are the differences between Prepaid, Debit, Credit, and Platinum Card?




        To view the full benefits between these cards, you may click this link.

      4. When will the new earn rate take effect?


        The new earn rate will be effective on August 15, 2020.

      5. I have a flight on August 14, 2020, what earn rate should apply?


        The earn rate is determined at the discretion of GetGo may be varied at any time without prior notice. The applicable earn rate for an eligible flight itinerary shall be determined on the members’ travel date.

      6. Are there other changes in how I earn points with my flights with Cebu Pacific?


        While the spend and earn rates will change, points earned from your Cebu Pacific and Cebgo flights will still be issued to your GetGo account once seven (7) days after you completed the flight.

      7. What will happen to my existing points?


        Your existing GetGo points in your account will remain intact and will not be affected.

      8. Can I still claim points for past flights once my CEB GetGo Visa Card is approved?


        Retroclaim is not allowed. Ensure to log in to your GetGo account during booking to earn points on that flight.

      9. I’m no longer flying and I’m not interested to get a card. How will I earn points other than flying?


        We have several partners where you can earn points other than flying. To view our partners, you may visit the Get Points page.

      10. Aside from earning from flights, will I earn points by using the CEB GetGo Visa cards? 


        Part of the advantage of using the CEB GetGo Visa card when booking your flights with Cebu Pacific is that you earn points twice- from your spending with the airline and your use of the CEB GetGo Visa Card. To view the earn rate by using the Ceb GetGo Visa cards, you may click this link.

      11. Who should I contact just in case I have concerns?


        Our friendly Loyalty Advisors are ready to help. You may click the Contact Us button to send us a request. 

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