How to Create your Own Earn Group?

Groups unavailable

We have temporarily disabled creating/editing groups to pool points until further notice, but you may still use your existing group points on the booking page.

By default, the one who created the Earn Group will be automatically the Head, and being the Head has certain controls which are: 

  1. Ability to decide whom in the Earning Circle can redeem from the Circle balance.
  2. The ability to remove any member of the Earning Circle provided the lock-in period for that member is satisfied.
  3. Ability to assign another member of the Earning Circle to be the next Head.
  4. Ability to invite a member to be part of the Earning Circle.
  5. Ability to decide whether to accept a particular member's request to join the Earning Circle.

Want to create your own Earn group? Follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your GetGo account.


  2. Go to “Groups” tab.


  3. You will automatically be forwarded to the Earn Group page.


  4. To start your own group, click the “Start Own Group” button.


  5. Enter the name of your group.


  6. Click the “Add” button.


    Note that once you created your own group, by default, you will be the Head of the group and may now start inviting other members to become part of your earning circle.
  7. If you wish to invite your 1st member right away after the creation of your group, click the “Continue” button.


  8. Enter the member’s GetGo number or email address to send an invite. Then click the “Add” button.


  9. A pop-up message will appear that the invite was sent.


  10. Invite will automatically appear in the dashboard.


  11. You can still cancel the invite unless the member you added did not yet accept.11.png
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