Managing My Travel Group

Travel Group (previously Sharing Circle) allows you to redeem free flights for anyone you like and thereby sharing your rewards.

  1. Who can be part of my Travel Group?

    You can add anyone, regardless if they are members or non-members of GetGo.

  2. How do I set up my Travel Group?

    Click here to know more.

  3. How many people can I set up in my Travel Group?

     At the moment, we only allow up to 7 slots. If you need to add more people, you need to wait out the minimum lock-in period of six (6) months for a specific slot. So choose the people you add wisely.

  4. Can I be part of multiple Travel Groups at any one time?

    Yes, you can be set up in multiple Travel Groups at any one time.

  5. I made a mistake on the profile when adding someone, can I update it?

    Yes, you can self-modify most of the profile except the name. But if you really need to update your name, just submit a request via Web Form.

    Click here for the step-by-step process on How to Submit a Request via Web Form.

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