GetGo Points To A Million


  1. Can I join the promo even if I am not a GetGo member?

    No. You can only join the promo only if are or if you become a member of the program. Join here.

  2. How can I earn bonus points and raffle entries?

    You can earn bonus points and join the raffle when you convert credit card rewards points from GetGo’s bank partners: Asia United Bank; Bank of Commerce; BDO; BPI; Citibank; East West Bank; Metrobank; RCBC Bankard; Security Bank Cards; & Unionbank.

  3. Is the offer available for cumulative points conversion as long as I reach the minimum requirement?

    No. The minimum required points to be converted per transaction is 2,000 GetGo points.

  4. How many e-raffle entries do I earn per conversion?

    Number of e-raffle entries is equivalent to the total number of points you earned including bonus (1 point = 1 entry).

  5. When do I get my e-raffle entries?

    You will get your e-raffle entries via email/sms once GetGo points have been credited to your account following partner turn around time.

  6. If I converted my bank rewards points days before the end of promo but my GetGo points were credited after the promo duration, will I still be able to join?

    All conversions done within promo period are accepted despite partner TAT.

  7. Can I do multiple conversion transactions?

    Yes, you may convert multiple times within the promo duration.

  8. How do I know the turn around time for points crediting from partners?

    Visit and click the GET POINTS tab to check mechanics of earning and converting GetGo points per partner.

  9. When will you announce the winner?

    Raffle draw is on April 12, 2019. Once winner validation is done, GetGo will announce the name by week of April 26, 2019 via our facebook page GetGo PH.

  10. Until when can the winner use the prize?

    Bonus points and prize points shall be treated as regular GetGo points which shall follow standard program Terms and Conditions including usage and expiration.

    For more info, click here.


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