Starting my Travel Group

  1. How many people can I set up in my Travel Group?
    A Travel Group has seven (7 ) slots, so you can add up to 7 people regardless if they are GetGo members or not. Each slot has a minimum lock-in period of 6 months (starting from the date you last filled up that slot).

  2. How do I set up my Travel Group?
    Login, go to Groups and follow the instructions.

  3. I have filled up all the 7 slots. What if I need to replace the line-up?
    As soon as one slot has satisfied the minimum lock-in period, you can already proceed with the replacement. If you need to replace 2 people in your Travel Group, then you would need to wait for 2 slots to be available.

  4. Can I be part of multiple Travel Groups at any one time?
    Yes, you can be set up in multiple Travel Groups at any one time.
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