Starting an Earn Group

  1. How many members are allowed in an Earn Group?

    The maximum size of an Earn Group is eight (8), composed of (1) head and seven (7) other members. Once these 8 slots are filled, no new member can join the Earn Group until an existing member leaves.

  2. How do I set up an Earn Group?

    There are 2 ways to do it: 
    1. Create one by yourself (and therefore becoming the head automatically) and invite other members to join your group.
    2. Join an existing one by sending a request to the head of that group.
    Note: There's a minimum lock-in period of 6 months (starting from the date you joined the Earn Group) that you must satisfy before being able to switch or leave the incumbent Earn Group.

  3. What will happen to your points balance after becoming part of an Earn Group?

    All your existing points (including those earned from future activities) shall be automatically pooled to the Group Balance for communal use by other members.

    When a group member redeems from the Group Balance, the order at which points are deducted is according to a first-in-first-out basis: points that were accrued first shall be deducted first.

    If you also have a Travel Group set up, you may use the points from the Group Balance for your Travel Group-mates.

  4. Can I be part of multiple Earn Groups at any one time?

    No, you can only be part of one Earn Group at any one time. If you wish to join another Earn Group, you would need to leave the current one first.

Groups unavailable

We have temporarily disabled creating/editing groups to pool points until further notice, but you may still use your existing group points on the booking page.

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