By flying with Cebu Pacific, you get to earn GetGo points. Points are computed on the base fare of the ticket and select add-ons purchased.



  • Earn 1 point for every P5 spent
  • Earn only on the base fare, prepaid baggage, prepaid meals, prepaid seat and prepaid sports equipment
  • Earn only on your own flight and you must be the person travelling
  • Earn only when your GetGo number is added to the booking


  • No fraction of a point given
  • No earning on taxes and fees
  • No earning on no-show, cancelled or redemption flights
  • No earning on the top-up of redemption flight booking
  • No earning in the name of others, even though you have paid on their behalf
  • No retroactive claim of points

Fear of missing out on your flight points?

Just remember to login the next time you book via to have your GetGo number automatically captured.

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