Maximizing the Experience

Getting the hang of GetGo already?
To become an expert user, this is what you should do next:

  1. Get a CEB GetGo Visa Card
    This is the fastest way to earn GetGo points. Why should I apply?

  2. Set up your Travel Group
    Your family and friends can also benefit from your GetGo points! Want to know how? Just click this article Managing My Travel Group?

  3. Be part of an Earn Group
    Pool or combine your points with those of other members you know. Earn points faster as a collective unit and get to that dream destination sooner. Want to set up an Earn Group? Click this article Starting an Earn Group for more info.

Groups unavailable

We have temporarily disabled creating/editing groups to pool points until further notice, but you may still use your existing group points on the booking page. 

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