If you love traveling, then GetGo is for you.

Joining GetGo is the fastest way to get you a free flight to your dream destinations. Not convinced? Check out these reasons:

  1. Earn Everywhere

    With the Co-Brand Visa Cards (in partnership with UnionBank and VISA), you earn GetGo points on your everyday spend on almost everything. The new earn rate below is effective starting August 15, 2020. For more information, you may click this link.



    GetGo also ties up with many partner merchants to provide different ways for you to earn points. And if you charge these transactions to your Co-Brand Visa Card, you get to earn twice (one from the partner merchant, and one from UnionBank).

  2. Points Are Forever

    Do you know all these GetGo points that you earn can be lasting forever? Every new earn transaction extends the life of all your existing points by another 12 months. As long as you keep your earn transactions frequent, there's no chance for your points to expire.

    Then it’s just a matter of time you saved enough points to redeem.
  3. Flexible Redemption

    Redeem online at your own convenience and have the itinerary sent to your email; no hassle of filling up manual forms, or making your way to ticketing offices, or calling hotlines.

    Haven't saved enough points? Not to worry also as you can top up the shortfall with other forms of payment.​

    Did we also mention that all seats on Cebu Pacific flights are available for redemption? If you have the points, we have the seats for you.

    With enough points, you can even redeem for taxes & fees, so that your flight is really free with no cashout!

Furthermore, joining GetGo is now FREE. So why not try us out today? Enroll

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