Activating Payment Card

  1. How do I activate my GetGo Credit Card?
    To activate your GetGo Credit Card, just call the UnionBank hotline:
    1. Metro Manila: (632) 981-1616 / (632) 631-7528
    2. Outside Metro Manila: 1-800-1888-2277 (using PLDT landline)

  2. How do I activate my GetGo Debit Card?
    Your GetGo Debit Card is automatically activated when you pick it up at the UnionBank branch.

  3. I was given a GetGo card with a new number, but I already have an existing GetGo number. How do I link this new card number to my existing one?
    Follow these steps:
    1. Login to your existing GetGo.
    2. Click on “Link another card to this account?”.
    3. Enter that new card number under “LINK ANOTHER CARD” section.
    4. Done!

  4. Can I still use the new GetGo card to earn points after linking?
    Yes, you can still use it to earn points after linking. All points earned on this new card will be combined with your existing account balance thereafter. If you already have a card associated with your existing account, you can conveniently use both cards (new plus existing) to earn points!
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